Amazon Echo Works With Wink

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Echo+fullbleed+2If you’re like me and have always wanted the smart house from Eureka, Amazon and Wink just brought us a step closer.  If you have no idea what Eureka is, you need to nerd up and go find out.  By officially pairing Amazon Echowith Wink Connected Home Hub, Amazon has just brought us the ability to control lights, garage doors, door locks, outlets, fans, sensors, cameras, thermostats, sprinklers, appliances, shades and even check the level of propane in the bar-b-que.

All of this functionality will be available with simple “Alexa” commands without you ever having to pick up a device or push a button.  All of the devices would first have to be paired with a Wink hub.

Given that the Wink hub works with WiFi, Zigbee, Z-Wave and Bluetooth, one would have to assume there is about to be an explosion of Echo commands available.  If you’re already invested in the Nest ecosystem, Wink works with those devices too.