Amazon Releases 2nd gen Echo Dot and More

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echodotwhite_w_592It feels like just yesterday that Amazon made the Echo Dot available to Prime users who already owned an Echo…or maybe some of you just got your Dot yesterday due to backorders.  Either way, those were the days of yore for the Dot, which is already getting a makeover.

The second generation Echo Dot is available for EVERYONE to preorder now, shipping on October 20th.  The new Dot is $40 less than its predecessor, costing only $49.99.  The Dot and the Echo are now both available in classic black and stylish white.

The color change isn’t the only thing new to the Dot.  First, the twisting dial to adjust the volume has been replaced by volume up and down buttons on the top.  This is convenient because the original Dot was a little too small, and although it had a slightly tacky base, it had a tendency to move as you twisted the dial.  The second gen Dot also has an improved voice processor and it looks like they have added quite a few more holes on the top for both ventilation and improved listening abilities.  This may be due to rumors of the Dot overheating.  Also, although I haven’t read many reports of it, my first gen Dot is a little hard of hearing.

Amazon has also announced that ALL Echo’s and Dots will be equipped with Echo Spatial Perception technology.  This is a first step towards unifying all of the Echo’s and Dots around your house.  The new technology will will detect which of your devices is closest to you and will ensure that it is the only one responding to your requests.

Finally (Amazon really likes to pack in the announcements), you can now buy Echo Dots in 6 and 12 packs.  For the time being, if you order a 6 pack, you only have to pay for 5, and if you buy a 12 pack, you only have to pay for 10.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Amazon is positioning the Dot to be the must have gift for the holiday season.  If you plan to give Dots as gifts this year, it would be a good idea to preorder now.