Amazon Voice Shopping Deals

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Did you know that there are special Amazon sales that can only be accessed through Alexa?  This (not so) hidden feature is available to anyone with an Amazon Prime account and an Alexa enabled device.  Alexa sales can save you 35% or more!

There are two ways you can check Amazon’s Alexa deals.  The first, and easiest, is to go to this link and see today’s deals.  Then turn to any Alexa device in your house and say “Alexa, order <your product name>.”  She will confirm the item and price and ask if you want to place the order.  Say yes, and you’re all set!

The second way to check the day’s Alexa deals is to ask any Alexa device “Alexa, what are your deals?”  She will then read you each of the day’s deals, one at a time.  Generally she starts by reading off only a few of the items, each time asking if you would like to order that particular item, and then asking if you would like to hear more deals.

Personally, if I were one of the Alexa developers, I would have her read off all of the items on sale like a waiter reading the day’s specials, and then asking if you would like to order any of them.  It greatly speeds up the process, but this is what we have for now.

You can also score a free $10 Amazon credit the first time you reorder an item that costs more than $10.