Apple Stores Begin Selling Ecobee3 Home-Kit Thermostats Today

ecobee3_grandeIn the July edition of “Check out what Apple released a year after Google,” Apple stores will begin selling the Home-Kit enabled version of the Ecobee3 thermostat.  The Ecobee3 has been out for some time and users rave about it, however this new version will be able to pair with other Home-Kit enabled devices and works with Siri for voice control.  This is similar to the Nest and the “Works with Nest” ecosystem, as well as Google Now support.

If you already own an Ecobee3, you’re in luck!  You have the privilege of needing to purchase a new one if you want Home-Kit support, but this time you get to do it from Apple (oooooohhhh)!  Since some of the changes to be Home-Kit compliant needed to be done at the hardware level, there cannot be a software update to bring older units into the fold.

If you’re not familiar with the Ecobee3, it works similarly to Nest and other wifi connected thermostats, with an app and the ability to adjust the temperature or set a schedule from anywhere.  It also comes with a remote temperature sensor, and the ability to add additional temperature sensors so that the thermostat can get a more accurate reading of the true temperature of your home.  While this can help eliminate cold spots, the thermostat does not have the ability to send extra heat or AC to those areas without heating or cooling the entire zone.   Alternatively, the sensors can be set up so that Ecobee3 only cares about the temperature in the rooms it senses are occupied.