Blossom Sprinkler Controller Sale

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Fall is the best time of year to shop for sprinkler controllers, which is why Amazon is blowing out these Blossom 7 zone wifi sprinkler controllers for $51 for a limited time!  That’s $79 off the original price and by far the cheapest smart sprinkler controller I can find right now.

Not to get too into the weeds on the details (te he), but the Blossom smart sprinkler controller uses online weather forecasts along with user input data to save you money, water and grief while making sure to keep your yard optimally hydrated.

The main difference between the Blossom sprinkler controller and some of its competitors is that the control unit is waterproof and can be mounted outside.  Competing products require a waterproof housing if you need to mount them outdoors.

This is the best price you’re going to see on the Blossom smart sprinkler controller all year, so if you’re in the market, there’s no sense in waiting.