Coming Soon: Sonos + Amazon Echo

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echo-plus-sonosFire and brimstone coming down from the skies!  Rivers and seas boiling!  Forty years of darkness!  Earthquakes, volcanoes…The dead rising from the grave!  Human sacrifice, Echo and Sonos working together….

Ok, I went a long way for that one, but I feel like it was worth it.  This is huge.  This is Pink Floyd getting back together, The Eagles Hell Freezes Over, the fall of the Berlin Wall…well maybe that last one was way bigger, but this is awesome news for the smart home world (and terrible news for Bose).

Finally, after endless (read: about a year and a half) anticipation and whining from fans, the Echo lineup, that’s the Echo, Echo Dot and Amazon Tap, will work with Sonos!  No more trying to figure out how the hell to push Alexa commands through a Git or other crazy workarounds, in 2017, Alexa can control Sonos.

All existing Echo and Sonos products will be supported, so no need to worry about buying new super expensive hardware.  There has been no word about audio content being synched between Echo and Sonos devices, but it seems unlikely as Amazon still has yet to add that feature to its own devices.  With the success of the Echo Dot and the superior sound quality of Sonos speakers, this should be a match made in heaven for everyone who is a fan of quality music and voice controls.

Check out the video for more information: