Control Sonos from the Spotify App

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eno_cover_2Beginning today, all Spotify Premium users can control their Sonos speakers directly from the Spotify app.  This is something that has been available to beta testers since August, but not everyone can be a fancypants beta tester now can they?  Spotify is the only music streaming app that currently has the ability to control Sonos speakers.

You can now go from listening to music on your headphones, directly to listening on your Sonos speakers without ever having to leave the Spotify app.  You can also control groups of speakers, and other people on the same wifi network can also control the music from their Spotify app.  The Spotify and Sonos apps work seamlessly together, so you can bounce from one app to the other and still control the same playlist.

Sonos has been making moves to be a more open platform after being criticized for being a stagnant company a few months ago.  The Spotify integration is great because people that love Spotify FUCKING LOVE SPOTIFY!  Seriously, they’re like people that still like Pearl Jam or the Chili Peppers, they just can’t understand why you don’t also love it/them.  I’d love to see a similar integration with Pandora, but I’ll take baby steps for now.

You’ll have to update your apps to get the new features, so while you’re waiting for them to install, why not check out the official Sonos video below?