Echo + Sonos, it’s Coming!

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Since Sonos updated their privacy statement earlier this week, people are going crazy that they clearly mention voice recording, which Sonos can’t currently do.  All signs point to Sonos finally working with not just Alexa, but possibly all voice assistants, including Google Home, HomePod and whatever Harmon Kardon calls their possibly never to be released Cortana device.

Since Amazon and Sonos announced a partnership that was supposed to bear fruit in January, this has been a long time coming.  I’m not going to say that I’m psychic, but having read the tea leaves over a year ago, I predicted that Echo’s would most likely start working with Sonos devices at the same time that Alexa whole house audio was released.  It looks like that is about to come true.  I have also speculated numerous times that we may see a new generation of Sonos devices around the same time, all with built in voice controllers.  Time will tell.

In my first impressions of Apple HomePod, I compared the price of HomePod to numerous competitors and mentioned that the only way Amazon could compete with the sound quality of HomePod was to pair with a company like Sonos.  Still, the HomePod is set to be priced the same as a Sonos Play:3 and Echo Dot combined.  Maybe Apple anticipated this partnership and tried to price accordingly.  Maybe everyone at Apple isn’t just a stuck up dick….well, that’s going a little far, they probably are.

At the time of this post, Echo multi-room audio and Sonos integration are still just rumors, but the news is that it’s only a matter of time before they’re released.