Get $50 Off ANY Echo

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For a limited time, if you sign up for a one-year membership with Audible for $149.99, Amazon will give you a $50 credit towards the purchase of any Echo device.  On a regular day, that would make the Echo Dot free, the new Echo $49.99, the Echo Plus $99.99 and the Echo Show $179.99.  But if you wait until November 17th, when coupled with this deal the prices would drop to -$21.99 for the Echo Dot, the new Echo would be Free, the Echo Plus would cost $49.99 and the Echo Show would be $129.99.  Plus you’d be getting a full year of Audible and access to nearly unlimited books.

The full Audible membership comes with the following benefits:

  • Listen any time on virtually any connected device
  • Automatically sync audio books with books on your Kindle to easily switch between listening and reading
  • 12 credits toward free books regardless of price
  • Ad free audio
  • Offline listening
  • Keep your books forever, even if you cancel
  • Member only savings
  • Swap books for free if you don’t like them
  • Concierge-level service 24/7

If you’ve always been curios about Audible but don’t want to commit to paying $149.99, you can start a free 30 day trial that can be cancelled any time with no obligation to Amazon.  You wont be eligible for the $50 off Echo promo, but you will get 30 days of free audio books through Audible.