Home Automation in Use – “What was that noise?!”

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what-was-that-noiseAt some point this happens to everyone.  You’re fast asleep in bed and suddenly wake up to a noise somewhere in the house.  The dog goes nuts, your significant other asks you to go check out that noise.

Half asleep you pull on some clothes.  In the off chance someone is actually in the house, you’d prefer not to wrestle them in just your boxers.  You grab whatever it is you use to defend your home from invisible burglars and trudge off into the darkness to investigate.

This happened to me just last night.  I have no idea what the noise was, but it was enough to send my normally laid back dog into a fit of barking and growling at 2 AM.  As I pulled on a t-shirt and got my bearings I was thankful for all the automation we’ve put in place.

“Alexa, turn on the whole house.” I muttered to the Echo Dot on my nightstand.

I smiled to myself as every light in the house and backyard snapped on.  Any intruder in the house or yard would now be bathed in glorious, full blast, LED lighting throughout the house.

As I followed the dog down the stairs, my wife checked the cameras.

“There’s no one down there!” She yelled to me.

Followed shortly by “And there’s no events in the history since we went to bed!”

Grateful for technology, I let the dog check the yard while I took a cursory glance around the house.

“Alexa, turn off the whole house.” I said as we trudged back up the stairs to bed.

Thankful for technology and the lack of burglars in the house, I laid down hoping for a few hours of restful sleep before I had to get up for work.

“Alexa, thank you.” I said.

“You’re welcome.” She cheerily replied as I nodded off.