How to Connect Your Microsoft Outlook Calendar to Alexa

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Until recently, the only calendar that could be linked with Alexa was Google’s.  This is fine for many people, especially people that want to keep their work life separate from their home life.  But with Outlook being the world’s most popular platform for corporate email, and thus calendars, many people would find it very helpful for their Echo to have a glimpse of their workday.

A few weeks ago, Amazon announced that Alexa could be paired with your Microsoft account calendar.  This includes any email addresses (,,, and Office 365 accounts.

How to link your Microsoft calendar with Alexa

  1. Open the Alexa app or go to 
  2. Open Settings and then Calendar

  3. Choose Microsoft

  4. Select whether you are going to link an or Office 365 account
  5. When the new login window opens, enter your email address.  At this point, if you are setting up an Office 365 account, you may be brought to your company’s login page where you will need to enter your corporate login credentials.
  6. You should receive a successful login message like the one below
  7. Back in the Alexa app, you can choose which events you would like Alexa to sync, such as Birthdays, Holidays and your actual Calendar.

If you have multiple calendars set up, you should select which calendar Alexa will add new events to from the drop down on the Calendar screen.  This defines the default calendar to which Alexa will add any events you ask her to create.