How to Set Up Alexa Drop In

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Drop In is an optional feature for Amazon Echo devices that lets you instantly connect, hands free, with your Echo devices and your closest friends and family. You can enable Drop In in the Alexa app and grant permission to yourself and/or contacts from your address book.

What you need:

How to do it:

  • Drop In should be enabled by default
  • Open the Alexa app and click the hamburger icon on the top left
  • Tap settings
  • Choose your Echo device
  • Under General, tap Drop In
  • For each device, you can choose if Drop In is turned on, off or only on for your household
  • You can also set up Do Not Disturb times for each device

Once your devices are configured, from the Alexa app, you can open the Conversations tab, tap the Drop In bar and select a device to drop in.  You can drop in to an Echo device from the app, but not vice versa.  From any of your Echo devices, you can say “Alexa, drop in <device name>.”  The ring on the top of your Echo will turn green and you will hear a short beep from the device that you have dropped in to as the call is connected.  To end a drop in session, someone on either end can say “Alexa, hang up.”