How to Set Up Alexa Music Alarms

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Amazon has given almost all Alexa devices (not just Echo) the ability to wake you up to music.  Previously, you could ask Alexa to set an alarm for you, or set up an alarm through the Alexa app and it would wake you to whatever tone you had selected in the app.

Alexa music alarms lets you wake up to your favorite music and radio stations on Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn, SiriusXM, and iHeartRadio.  The functionality isn’t solely based on waking you up, though.  You can ask Alexa to set a music alarm at any time.  To test this, I asked Alexa to set an alarm to “Its Raining Tacos” when I knew my wife would be about to take a mid-day nap.  It worked perfectly, and got me in plenty of trouble.

For the time being, you can only set Alexa music alarms by asking Alexa commands like:


  • “Set an alarm to Adele”
  • “Wake me up to country music”
  • “Set an alarm to BBC News on TuneIn”
  • “Wake me up to Kiss FM on TuneIn”


And if you have Amazon Music (which you do if you have Prime), you can use these additional commands:


  • “Wake me up to relaxing music”
  • “Wake me up to pop music for running”
  • “Wake me up with Location by Khalid”
  • “Wake me up to the song that goes… I’ve paid my dues time after time”
  • “Alexa wake me up to 80’s music”