How to Set Up the Sonos Alexa Skill

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If you own any Amazon Echo products and any Sonos products, you’ve probably been waiting for this integration for a long time.  Now you can control your Sonos devices with voice commands through Alexa.  Here’s how:

1- First, you’re going to need a Sonos account.  Open your Sonos app and go to Settings > My Sonos Account.  You will be prompted to set up an account.

2- Once your Sonos account is set up, open the Alexa app, then open the menu and click Skills

3- Search the Skills library for Sonos, then tap the Sonos skill to select it and then enable it

4- When prompted, sign in to your Sonos account

5- Make sure your Sonos devices and groups have unique names, this will help in the next step as well as when you start issuing voice commands

6- Still in the Alexa app, open the menu and click Smart Home, then click Devices

7- Scroll to the bottom and click the Discover button

8- When the discovery has completed, you should see your Sonos devices and groups in the device list.

You should now be able to control your Sonos devices and groups from any of your Alexa devices.  At the time of this post, you cannot play synched audio through both Sonos and Echo devices at the same time.