Hue is Getting a Motion Sensor

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philips-hue-motion-sensor.0.0If you’re a fan of Philips outstanding Hue line of smart bulbs, and honestly hue isn’t, you’ll be very happy to hear that Philips is releasing a motion sensor compatible with all Hue products.  Beginning this October you’ll be able to pick up one of these battery powered motion sensors for $40.  Unlike many other motion sensors on the market, Philips saw fit to equip theirs with a daylight sensor, so that you don’t wind up running lights at all hours.  Before you ask, there is no mention of this being water resistant, so don’t plan on sticking these up outside.

To me, $40 is a little steep for a motion sensor.  Yes, you can use it to control as many as 50 Hue bulbs, but at that price point the motion sensor costs more than two Hue white bulbs or one Hue Ambiance/Lux with enough money left over to buy a sandwich.  If I were running this billion dollar multinational operation and pricing the Hue motion sensor, I would price it at $19.95.  I’m just a big believer in peripherals costing less than the thing they work with.  Now you show me a two pack for $40 and I’m all over it!

Head on over to Hue’s official site to learn more.