Insteon Dimmer Sale

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For a limited time, Amazon has a 25% off coupon for Insteon dimmers and switches.  The most expensive of the Insteon dimmers available is the SwitchLinc Dual-Band dimmer mentioned in the picture to the left, currently $50.  With the coupon that drops the price to $37.50, which is about as low as I’ve ever seen these sold.

I currently have two of these dimmers installed in my house (and two on the way), one of which has been installed outside to control my pool light for over two years with no signs of failure due to the elements.

Most of the Insteon wired solutions, like these dimmers, do require a neutral wire to enable the powerline communication that they use.  Insteon does offer a two-wire on/off switch if you don’t have a neutral wire available, but it is not part of the sale.

For more information about the Insteon Dual-Band dimmer, check out my review!