Nest 2nd Gen Thermostat Sale!

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nest-thermostat-featuredSooner or later retailers are going to run out of 2nd generation Nests, but until then we can all enjoy the sales.  For some reason Verizon Wireless sells a smattering of home automation products, and for a limited time they are selling the former heavyweight champion of thermostats for $159!  Follow this link to the listing.

The third generation Nest is a great thermostat, but many people, myself included, just don’t see a need to abandon the second generation model for it.  If you’re on the fence, I wrote a rundown of the new 3rd generation features when it was released.  Basically you’d be missing out on saving .05″ of depth, the larger screen, farsight (the 3rd gen can detect movement at a greater distance), additional wifi options and Furnace Heads-Up, which can try to predict furnace problems.  Oh, and you’d be missing the additional $90 it currently costs to have the latest and greatest Nest.

This is the best price I’ve seen for a Nest thermostat in a long time, and right now I couldn’t argue a need to buy the 3rd generation model while these 2nd generation Nests are so relatively cheap.