Nest Thermostat Adds Hot and Cold Alerting

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nest-thermostat-featuredWhile it’s not revolutionary (my basic Honeywell WiFi unit has had this for years), Nest is adding high and low temperature threshold alerts via a software update.

Announced on their blog, Nest claims they can alert you “before the pipes freeze or a pet overheats.”  Well that’s a little dramatic for my tastes, but it gets the point across.  Basically, you’ll be able to pick a temperature and get alerted if it hits that temperature.  More practically, it’s a great way to know if your heat or AC failed to start, indicating you either need a repair man or your Nest screwed up.

I really do love the arbitrary references to pipes bursting or pets dying.  It might as well say it can alert you if a ghost from Supernatural gets mad or a volcano erupts in your basement….which it will actually be able to do after the software update.  So, yay!