Rumors of Google’s “Brillo” IoT OS Abound

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Google is expected to announce its unifying internet of things OS, code named “Brillo,” next week at Google I/O.  It is being reported that the OS is targeted at “lower memory devices” using less than 64 MB of RAM.  I’m not that old and I can still vividly remember sitting in front of my 4 MB IBM 486 DX2 wishing it had 16 MB so I could run Quake…so calling 64 MB RAM a “lower memory device” seems silly to me.

This could be a step in the right direction for having one communication standard, one app and one place to control all of your devices.  It also frees up device manufacturers from having to create their own OS for their devices and positions Google as a backbone of IoT devices.  I’m sure we’ll wind up seeing Apple make a similar announcement…and the Samsung…and then another company, and another…….