Smart Sprinkler Controller Sale!

After Rachio announced their second generation smart sprinkler controller, Amazon has dropped the price of three of the top wifi enabled sprinkler controllers on the market.

smartsprinklersThe first generation Rachio IRO 8-zone smart sprinkler controller, which normally sells for $249 has dropped to $175 in order to make way for the new second generation controller.  The second generation controller boasts an easier setup, smaller footprint, Amazon Echo integration, option to be mounted outside, ability to connect external sensors and control of 16 zones instead of 8.  While the first generation controller isn’t as full featured as its younger brother, for many of you it has all of the features you would need, as the core functionality is the same between both units.

My current favorite smart sprinkler controller (because I own one), the RainMachine has dropped from $179 to $149. The RainMachine Mini-8 has a very small footprint, controls up to 8 zones and adds integrated controls to turn those zones on or off from the controller itself without having to use the app.  Like the Rachio, the RainMachine gets its weather data from the internet and programs itself.  It has a full featured app and the ability to give contractors a temporary code to access your system.

The Blossom 12 Zone Smart Watering Controller has dropped from $199 to $134, making it the cheapest of the bunch.  Blossom has many of the same features of its competitors, but adds a weatherproof case so it can be mounted outside, powerline functionality so it doesn’t have to be within range of your wifi, and as the name suggests, the ability to control up to 12 zones.

Whichever unit you choose, it is a vast improvement over standard controllers and you will never find yourself watering in the rain again!