SmartThings will work with Amazon Echo


Samsung announced yesterday (and then deleted the post) that Amazon Echo will support SmartThings.  In the post entitled “Alexa, Turn On My SmartThings” Samsung noted that the Echo + SmartThings integration will work with both the existing SmartThings Hub, and the new version slated for a September release.

There has been an explosion of smart device integration with the Echo over the last few months, which makes sense since it is the only device currently in its class.  With Google, Apple, Samsung and most of the other major players officially signing up for integration, it seems like there wont be much competition for the Echo in the near future.  This is great news for Amazon, who has had a lot of devices fall flat in the past few years.  It’s also great news for anyone looking to buy an Echo, but afraid that something better will be released by another major player in the smart home field.