Sonos Officially Adds Apple Music Support

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a7f19cdd-116e-47d6-b6a6-a33fe87837baToday Sonos announced that they are taking Apple Music support out of beta and fully releasing it via an app update.  With Apple Music now being officially supported, Sonos now supports streaming for virtually every streaming service you can think of.  If you’re reading this, I probably don’t have to sell you on Apple Music.  I’d be a terrible salesperson for it anyway because I don’t use it.  But Apple Music is widely used by fans of The Walled Garden, so this is a big add for Sonos.

For music fans, it’s hard to beat Sonos.  Their speakers offer amazing sound quality and versatility.  They have the ability to stream from virtually every streaming service on Earth, and although they have lost the ability to stream Audible (due to competition with Echo), it’s a minor setback.

For Sonos owners that are fans of Apple Music, today’s update is a must add!