What is a Smart Home?

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A smart home is a house that leverages technology to make your life easier.  It is a home that reacts to the world around it, your needs and your changing schedule.  A smart home uses devices that talk to each other, and to the internet to make everyday tasks happen automatically.

Smart devices are usually “set it and forget it.”  You often only have to configure them once by setting up the initial connections and schedule, and then rarely have to interact with them again.  Smart devices will control your climate, lights or sprinklers, alert you of events like leaks, unlock doors, or alert you of motion where there shouldn’t be.  They are designed to save you time, money, and give you peace of mind.  And you have access to all of it on your phone, computer or tablet.


A smart home adapts to your life.  While it’s great that you can adjust the heat from your phone if you wake up early, it’s even better when your house senses that  you’ve woken up early and turns the heat on for you.  Imagine the welcoming feeling of seeing your house automatically open the garage and turn on the outside lights when you turn the corner of your street.  Or the convenience of never having to walk into a dark room because the lights automatically turn on when you walk in.  A smart home just makes life easier.

How many times did your mother yell at you for leaving lights on all over the house?  What if the lights automatically turned themselves off when no one was in the room?  A smart home saves money by turning things off when they’re not in use.

An automated home is a safer home.  It can alert you of smoke or carbon monoxide where ever you are.  It will tell you if it detects a leak in the basement.  You can be alerted if the house is too hot, indicating an air conditioning failure, or too cold, which could mean you’re out of oil.  With cameras and motion detectors you can always know what is going on both inside and outside of your home.

A smart home is a fun home.  I never get tired of asking a visitor to press “Watch a movie” on my Harmony Ultimate and watching them marvel as the systems power up, the lights dim and the blinds close themselves.  Controlling multiple devices with a voice command or a button on your phone is just cool and makes it feel like you’re living in the future.  There has never been a better time to start automating your home, so why not start now?