You Can (Finally!) Ask Alexa the Current Temperature

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It’s the little things, really.  If you have an Amazon Echo with a paired Nest, Honeywell or ecobee thermostat, you know how great it can be to ask Alexa to raise or lower the temperature when you’re hot or cold.  However, many users have been complaining for some time that none of these skills allowed you to ask Alexa for the current temperature of the house.

Given that this was a limitation across all skills, and not limited to just one company’s product, I have to assume it was an Echo platform issue.  Whatever the reason, as of a few days ago this is no longer a problem.  You can now simply ask “Alexa, what’s the (device name) temperature?  This is such an obvious feature that most people probably wont even notice.  You’ll one day ask Alexa for the current temperature of the house and she’ll just tell you.  That’s the hallmark of a great product, though, it just works the way you expect it to.

As with most Echo features, Amazon has already rolled this out to all of their products.  So if you already have your thermostats paired with your Alexa enabled devices, you are good to go.